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Connect with the right people in the right companies and instantly grow your business. Savvy businessman choose verified data from ovet 160,000 nationwide locations in whoiswhere.

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While Everyone Is Boasting About The Accuracy Of Their Data
whoiswhere™ Can Tell You Exactly How We Achieve It

"Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed”, Dan Zarella

E-ideas Limited

Ask any B2B data provider how they keep their data accurate and you’ll be met with a flurry of responses that won’t really mean much. For E-ideas Limited vague responses won’t work. We use our own whoiswhere data to create profitable marketing campaigns for clients. And that is why our data has to be the most accurate possible. Celebrating 10 years on the market, we reveal to the world how whoiswhere data is kept accurate. No other B2B data company fully explains how they verify data. We have developed a three step data verification process to guarantee whoiswhere data accuracy.

Since 2005 our team is walking the streets and making phone calls to New Zealand businesses every 121 days so you can focus on what you do best - communicate, market and sell. Common-sense: the ability to do basics well and innovative methodology of data gathering & maintenance are the essential ingredients of our success.   Read the full article about how we achieve a high level of Data Accuracy.

Discover the advantage of using whoiswhere™ B2B lists here. Find out more about segmentation available here.
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B2B Lists New Zealand

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whoiswhere ™ offers over 1000 quality B2B lists for mail, email, telemarketing campaigns or as prospecting leads with full contact details and C-level executives for businesses with over 100 staff. Verified every 121 days these, so you don't have to. Choose a list you want now - start from industry selection here.

Data Services

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Your prospect and customer data is your most valuable asset, yet data maintenance is a daunting task. Fortunately our team is here to free your time and let you get on with your life and business. Enquire today

NZ Urban Business Overview

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NZ Urban Business Market Overview 2014 is a comprehensive document featuring statistics, trends and insights about the current demographics of businesses based in commercial premises in NZ urban areas. It is based on nine years' worth of data about over 160,000 businesses based in commercial premises. Find out what's included here.



There is more to E-ideas than B2B lists

BeeUp™ Wants You

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An Innovative Approach to Creating New Jobs. This project allows students and graduates help businesses to move forward.  Find out how BeeUp™ works -discover it here or register your interest now


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Get trained and master the art of what is sometimes referred to as 'cold calling'. Fast, cost-effective and results driven, the ability to communicate on the phone provides an invaluable personal touch. Master it and let your business succeed further Enquire today

Practical Marketing

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An action orientated common sense practical approach to marketing is the philosophy fostered by E-ideas Managing Director Assia Salikhova. Whether you want a fresh perspective or fresh ideas, Assia is the right person to connect. Visit this page to explore our expanding resources or connect with Assia here.

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